Far Eastern University - Nursing Alumni Foundation
June 2008

Norma Najera Lao, Class of '64, one of the Board of Directors of the East Coast Chapter, passed away June 21, 2008.

Wake - Qunn Hopping Funeral Home
145 East Mount Pleasant
Livingston, N.J
Monday and Tuesday
June 23-24 2-4pm and 7-9pm

Funeral - Wednesday June 25 at 10am

March 2007

It is with pleasure that I extend my congratulations to the newly elected officers for the term of 2006-2008. May "We work as one ... for the success of all."

  • President: Marife Sevilla ....... Northern California
  • President Elect: Warlita Galzote....... Southern California
  • Vice President: Marissa Sibucao....... Florida
  • Recording Secretary: Emma Cuenta ....... Southern California
  • Corresponding Secretary: Myrna P. Garcia ....... Chicago, Illinois
  • Treasurer: Lin Rejano ....... Chicago, Illinois
  • Auditor: Mariane Kapadia ....... Florida
  • PRO: Priscilla Molas ....... Florida
  • Board Members:
  • Arceli Antonio - Northern California
  • Vicky Aquino - East Coast
  • Franklin Camillo - Northern California
  • Fauesto Cheng - Texas [member at large]
  • Evelyn Chua - East Coast
  • Tito de los Santos Cueto - Chicago
  • Roberton Desierto - East Coast
  • Arturo Erquiza - Chicago
  • Josefina Lagazo-Estero - East Coast
  • Penny de Leon Lampa - Northern California
  • Lourdes Nisperos - Northern California
  • Pacito Roque Villarin - Chicago
  • Marlon Villacorta - Massachusetts [member at large]

In Memoriam

Mrs. Laurentina Perlada

Our Condolences to her family.

January 2005

East Coast Chapter Hosts Grand Reunion in the Big Apple The East Coast Chapter headed by Nelson co celebrated the 11th Biennial Grand reunion in N.Y. City on July 18 - 31, 2004. The festivities were held in the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the heart of Broadway, 234 graduates and guest attended the three day affair.

Day 1:
All business in the morning with the Executive Board meeting. By dusk, 400 attendees were on the pier to board the Harbor Cruise. Music, fun, dancing, dinner, contest, prizes were non stop. Everyone marveled at the sights and NY skyline at night. In the dark, at a distance, the serene and beautiful Statue of Liberty was aglow. It was more meaningful than words due to the fresh wounds inflicted by 9/11. She symbolizes hope, faith and freedom and we are strengthened by her imposing presence.

Day 2:
The educational presentation started at 7 a.m. The panel of speakers expounded in the different roles for nurses "Diversity in Practice: A Nursing Challenge".

Our very own FEU graduates made up the distinguished panel who spoke on the following topics:

  • Irynne Endozo Sixon: Educator Role
  • Lolit Navarro Iqbal: NP Role
  • Robb Desierto: OP Oncology Role
  • Norma Lao: Entrepeneur Role
  • Nelson Co: Nurse Anesthesist Role
  • Cesar Dumago (guest): HIV/AIDS Specialty Role

Day 3:
Gala Dinner Dance and Award ceremony glamour and glitter was the order of the evening... not to mention the bling-bling! Special awardees were: Class of '78 and '79 - Silver Jubilarians, Class of '63 and '64 - Ruby Jubilarians, Class of '68 and '69 - Jade Jubilarians, Class of '68 and '69 - Jade Jubilarians, Class of '73 and '74 - Pearl Jubilarians. The group feasted on sea bass and filet mignon. Friends of Mine filled the air with music to distance to. The evening was marked by jubilation, laughter, music and memories. Many made new friends and rekindled old ones. Flashbulbs were going off all night. It was certainly a night to remember.

Many thanks to the organizers: Nelson Co (President), Irynne Sixon (Event Registration), Flor Page (Treasurer), Aida SanJose (Dinner Dance), Remy Consoli and Vicky Aquino (Harbor Cruise), Lolit Iqbal, Norma Lao, Robb Desierto, Cecile Cabiltes (Education Program), Max and Elia Godoy and Lim (Souvenir Journal), Josie Lagazo and Mae Guzman (Entertainment Arrangements), Evelyn Chua (Fund Raising). Venus Florendo for singing the anthems. Thanks also to Aliz Ruiz Cariaga and Josie Yobia.

Our gratitude extends to the auxiliary - spouses, friends and familes of the working Commitee.

Palaypay delivers keynote speech at the Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony.
She gave Kudos to the hosts: East Coast Chapter for a job well done. The crowd echoed with applause. She praised the educational seminar and encouraged the group to organize and attend these programs for personal advancement. She commented on the impressive panel of speakers who were all FEU graduates except for one. She shared the Institute of Nursing's current state of affairs and how the graduates who are now foreign based can help the Institute. She also acknowledged the generous contribution from the graduates of the past years.

Here, There and From Everywhere...
They came from all over - California, Texas, Illinois, Arkansas, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Canada, Hawaii, Ohio, Washington, UK, New Jersey, New York, Thailand and the Philippines.

Thank you all for coming - Thank you for the company and the fellowship.

The Torch is passed...

The newly elected officers of the FEU Nursing Alumni East Coast Chapter:

  • President: Lolit Navarro Iqbal Class '61
  • Vice President: Josie Lagazo Class '70
  • Secretary: Robert Desierto Class '81
  • Asst. Secretary: Vicky Aquino Class '76
  • Treasurer: Flor Page Class '67
  • Asst. Treasurer: Aida SanJose Class '67
  • Auditor: Mae Guzman Class '71
  • PRO: Evelyn Chua Class '80
  • Board of Directors:
    Josie Yobia, Norma Lao, Delia Lim, Elia Godoy, Remy Consoli, Cecile Cabiltes, Venus Florendo, Nelson Co and Irynne Sixon

Goals for the East Coast Chapter:

  • 1. Establish a scholarship for deserving nursing students
  • 2. Establish tax exempt status for the organization.
  • 3. Increase the membership through drives.
In Memoriam

Max Godoy - Class '63

Our Condolences to his wife, Elia Godoy and their three daughters

Mrs. Laurentina Perlada

Our Condolences to her family.